Retro I.C.E.!!

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Retro I.C.E.!!

Post  Mutstar on Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:40 pm

Hi guys,

Funny one, I've just got an 8 track player for Becs '64 Elf. Yes I know 8 track is a bit "modern" for an Elf but I'm going to try and make it look like it was retro fitted in the 70's. Has anybody got an Elf/Hornet with a period fitted radio or done the same as me because I'm trying to work out where the speaker should go? I've got a single 4" speaker for the job (8 track only has one output) I've also got hold of some "retro" looking speaker pods but like I say I'm struggling to work out where the speaker should go, period wise. Any help would be much appreciated.




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