Mini Beach Car

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Mini Beach Car

Post  Elf Service on Fri Apr 20, 2012 12:34 am

The Pride of Lorgbridge gathing was better than ever last Saturday with cars ranging from Austin 7's up to the last Rover/MG's prior to the closure of the Birmingham plant. I took along my latest addition which although not an Elf or Hornet, has close links. I'll post some images when I get a chance and it stops raining. The Mini area was full of the usual excellent examples (only one Hornet) but the big attraction was the Mini Beach car and looking at the general condition, it hasn't seen much use. There are quite a few differences to the wonderful Booted Beach car of Reymondos such as rear window, smooth roof, Right Hand Drive, later speedometer etc.

Some images which you may find interesting.

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