bleeding twin leading drum brakes??

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bleeding twin leading drum brakes??

Post  Captain61 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:35 am

I am baffled. I replaced the master cylinder, ALL the wheel cylinders, shoes, and lines!! I cannot(no matter what I do) seem to bleed the brakes and get decent pedal!! VERY FRUSTRATING!! HELP!! confused
Are there any secrets that you guys know??


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Re: bleeding twin leading drum brakes??

Post  asahartz on Wed Aug 29, 2012 3:17 am

They are a pain aren't they? Getting the adjustment right is the first part. As the adjuster mechanism is fairly primitive, it's difficult to get right. While the rear adjusters screw in to tighten the brakes, the front ones must be adjusted in the direction of forward wheel travel.

Once you have that, bleed again if necessary. One trick is to pump the brakes until hard, then wedge the pedal down overnight - this forces air to the top.

But don't expect them to feel like disc brakes. Like you, I've just fitted new wheel cylinders all round and can't get a pedal feel that I like, even though they are adjusted as far as they can be without dragging. The brakes are very good; they passed the MOT easily and will stand the car on its nose if you hit them hard, but there is a lot more travel than I'm used to with discs and servos!

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