Elf Upgrade & security

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Elf Upgrade & security

Post  mart0_10 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:34 pm


During my Elf rebuild I am trying to remain authentic, with any changes from original to be reversible.

I want the car usable daily, reliable and as safe as poss
if there is anything you can add or take out because its daft let me know.

I was considering

Electronic ignition
Alternator instead of dynamo
Inertial seat belts
Halogen lights
Driving spot lights
Rear fog light

Was going to build a centre console (removable in one)
this to hold a radio and speakers
12v supply & clock

was considering changing suspension to dry type thoughts please!



I'm worried about it being stolen not because of where I live just generally

What would you recommend for protection
Cat 1 alarm? do you need this for insurance?
kill switch?
visual deterrents wheel locks etc?

Thanks for your time!




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