Questions about door mirrors MKIII, heaters and more

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Questions about door mirrors MKIII, heaters and more

Post  ELF67 on Thu Aug 29, 2013 9:26 pm

Hi here. Living in Switzerland but I'm a Kiwi with a 1967 MkIII Elf in New Zealand which needs a couple of things. I am moving back to NZ in Dec 2013.

1) Great to read about the company which can restore dashboards in the UK.. I will ask them about reco-ing mine.

2) I want to fit left and right side mirrors to my MKIII Elf doors(not wing mirrors on the front). However, do any of you know which are the best, closest to late 60's circular ones I can get which easily fit onto the doors? Anyone got brands/links/photos of what is available?

3) In NZ heating was an option. Not sure why as there are some nippy days in the North Island and plenty of snow in the winter in the south! Consequently, my Elf never had heating at all. Would a late model mini heater (say 1997 - 99) fit/work in an Elf? I ask as I realise they are alot better than the original Smiths from the 60's. I have an original 998cc engine for what it's worth. Have any of you fitted the small heater made by T7 Design in the UK? Is that better than a real Mini heater?

Appreciate your help on this. Keep on Elfing!


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