Aldon Ignitor for positive earth.

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Aldon Ignitor for positive earth.

Post  pete on Wed Dec 24, 2014 6:06 pm

I've just purchased the Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition kit from Minispares as a Christmas present for Frankie the Hornet. I was getting a little fed up of changing the condensor on a weekly basis....

Does anyone have any experience of these components? Any tips for installations?

Also I have spare sports coil hanging around, though the instructions say not to use a "high energy" coil, would a sports coil be classed as a "high energy" coil? I'm only replacing it as I think it's a contributor to the problem of the condensor failures.


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Aldon Ignitor for Positive Earth :

Post  David2010 on Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:30 am

First off - I cannot praise the Aldon people enough (TEL : 01384-572553).
Last year I fitted one of their units to my 1965 A-series 998cc engine with a  Lucas 25A Distributor(an Aldon Ignitor model : ALDLU 142 - 1959/74).
Biggest obvious difference to your car = my engine has an Alternator = Negative Earth.
I have a Lucas Sports Coil fitted - and no problems.
I would be a bit concerned that you are replacing condensors " on a weekly basis "
I suggest that you phone Aldon's Rob at the above phone no.and make a point of telling him about your high condensor usage.
Also advise him about which Distributor your car has (i.e. a Lucas 25A or 45A or another (?) not forgetting that you've got Positive earth.

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