Mk3 Elf Rebuild

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Mk3 Elf Rebuild

Post  RileyW on Thu Nov 03, 2016 1:45 pm

Hey guys,
I have recently acquired a second Elf (69 Mk3) to complement my current one (67 Mk2). The new one is in a slightly run down state and I plan on making it into a sort of sporty Elf as my other one is all original. It currently has the original 998cc engine in it and I was wanting to put in a 1293cc with dual carbs to get that extra power. Other planned modifications are front disk brakes, larger fuel tank and converting it to dry suspension. Was just wondering if you guys had any ideas/advice on what to do, the only slight issue is I am based in NZ so parts are expensive to get out and not many wrecked minis come up to nick parts off.


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