My name is Paul and I'm an addict

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My name is Paul and I'm an addict

Post  WesleyPegden on Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:26 pm

I can't help it - I simply love old vehicles and over the years have owned around 100. It's an addiction which I put down to having all my boyhood toys, that I treasured, being taken off me and given to younger step brothers who then promptly wrecked them. Anyway I'm Tea Total (since 1988) don't smoke, never been into betting shop in my life, don't have holidays, never chased females (wife of 37 years might object Rolling Eyes ) etc so, IMO, what better way to spend my money than cars Smile At present I have a Skoda Fabia diesel that wife regards as hers, Smart Fortwo which is my baby (great fun), Marlin Roadster which is being rebuilt and Mahindra MM540 which is awaiting attention (it's only been off the road since 2005 !). I've also got numerous bikes but can't ride any now due to ill health - which is also the reason I'm early retired.

We got married in November 1980 and for our honeymoon in-laws paid for us to go to the Algarve. At the time it wasn't as popular as today so you needed transport to get around and see sights therefore I hired a Innocenti Mini. I was hooked so when back in UK started to look for a Mini to replace the Triumph 1500 FWD I was driving at the time. A girl as work then offered me a K reg Riley Elf so I went to have a look. It was a MKII and I reckoned was an import hence later reg. Turned out her parents had bought it with intention of getting it repaired by garage for her 21st but it needed too much work so it was mine for £50.
With it back home I found it needed all the classic work - inner & outer sills, rear subframe mounting at end of sills, whole rear subframe, A post panel and wing on nearside, as well as mechanical attention. The easiest thing was to totally strip it down so that is what I did and rolled the bare shell onto an old mattress so the body repairs could be done. However something didn't seem right as nearside was in far worse condition than offside. End result was I found the whole offside (rear wing, door aperture, A panel, wing and front panel) was badly attached to the body and then up to 2" of filler used to make it look good. Old type cut & shut Sad Way beyond repair so it got broken and luckily I managed to sell the remains for what I paid - £50.

Back to present day. I suffer from long term chronic depression and a friend dragged me around classic car shows last year (I've become a bit of a recluse and stay in all the time) which has rekindled my desire for something of a bygone era. Normally I'd go for small 1950's cars but this time fancy an Elf or Hornet hence joining this forum. The search begins so you will probably see my wanted postings all over the place Laughing

Paul Humphries,


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