One of my (many) other hobbies

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One of my (many) other hobbies

Post  superworm on Sat May 09, 2009 2:39 am

Hi y'all

Just thought I would share one of my other hobbies with you - it is R/C Model Hairyplanes.

This one is 1/4 scale model of an Ultimate 10-300S Biplane - originally (in full-size) a Canadian design for the World Aerobatic Championships of about 15 yrs ago. The model is 54" span and powered by a "Supercharged" 4 stroke engine of 1.2 capacity (approx 20cc). The engine sounds like a Harley Davidson's engine at tickover (potato-potato-potato)...great!!!!!

All of my model pilots are very attractive young ladies!!!!

In addition , I have been building a 3.5" gauge live steam railway engine since 1973 as well as fettling a 1982 Mk1 Golf GTI which I have owned since new. It is said that one cannot die until all projects are complete...I somehow seem to be continually adding projects to my list......another 7 model aircraft (including a gas turbine powered Hawker Hunter and a 81" Span DH Mosquito) and also a live steam 5" gauge locomotive as well as a Mk1 Golf Cab restoration for my daughter. Hopefully I'm going nowhere just yet unless someone down there wants a fire engine restoring !!!!


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Re: One of my (many) other hobbies

Post  Big_Al_Smith on Sat May 09, 2009 2:18 pm

busy, busy, busy - enjoy them all

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