Looking for JOX 342E (red Elf)

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Looking for JOX 342E (red Elf)

Post  philm on Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:50 pm

My dear Grandpa, who drove fire engines during the war in the National Fire Service and died in 1993, owned a red Riley Elf, JOX 342E in the 1970s and early 80s. After he gave up driving, it was sold to a family friend who lovingly restored it and ran it for a number of years. We since lost track of where the Elf got to.
Prompted by thoughts of Grandpa, I searched online and found a photo of JOX 342E with a 06/15 tax disc! So it's still running! Not only that, but another photo showed it at the Ragley Hall Classic Car Show in 2015 on 24 May. That date, by cosmic coincidence, was my Dad's (Grandpa's son's) seventy-fifth birthday. There are other reasons why the date and location are particularly significant to my family, suffice it to say I would love to discover the current whereabouts of Joxy, and to share a bit of its history.
I would be so delighted to hear from anyone who can offer any information on this long-lost family member!


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