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E-Bay Shop - MRA Minis

Post  superworm on Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:20 am

Last weekend, I detected the dreaded death rattle in Elfies Clutch Release Bearing...seeking one from my usual supplier, I found they were out of stock so I did an E-Bay trawl. What I came up with was "MRA Minis" shop.

So having duly ordered one on Monday (plus a couple of other bits) I find that by Thursday morning, I'm the proud owner of a new CR bearing. What a great shop...there's nothing watsoever wrong with their prices, P&P charges are better than reasonable, Packing is excellent and their response and comms were fantastic. Highly recommended shop if you need anything (7 or 8 pages of stuff!).

Check out :


next time you'e lurking on the evilbay.


PS I hope none of you engine builders are putting back the 7 o'clock bolt in the clutch bell housing !!!!!!!!! leave it out - it won't be missed!

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