Support Autotees and Dooderwear....

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Support Autotees and Dooderwear....

Post  discoman41 on Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:39 am

Was at the Classic Car Show at The NEC yesterday, and heard some very disturbing news that those big BMW bully boys have virtually driven DOODERWEAR out of business. So they are still continuing to drive out the small traders who trade merchandise using the name Mini - even if they soley sell classic Mini products... (by the way, the bavarians also own the name RILEY and WOLSELEY by default, apparently... although quite how that affects any traders trading for Riley and Wolseley models other than the Elf and Hornet, beats me....?) Anyway, I'm saying that we (as owners) should support and promote Dooderwear and also Autotees, before BMW extinguish them completely!


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